This band could go far!

Let me introduce you to Watford-based alternative metal band None The Less and their debut mini album, ‘The Way to Save Ourselves’. This album is an exciting mix of metal with a dash of hardcore punk: the songs are funky but heavy enough to satisfy the more hardcore rocker.

Track 1, ‘The Payout’, is a great opening track: the rhythm is bouncy and the instrumentals tight, providing the perfect introduction to what listeners can expect from the rest of the album! These effects are continued in track 2, ‘Define’, a meaty song with heavy lyrics. Track 3, ‘News of Cancer’, is heavier still with more aggression than the other tracks on the album. Good use is made here of Giannaccini’s talent as a screamer: his voice sent shivers up my spine!

Track 4, in contrast, appropriately titled ‘...’, provides a minute and a half of beautiful, light acoustic relief, allowing listeners time to compose themselves before being launched into the madness of the rest of the album, beginning with ‘I Had The World Resting On Me’. This is a guitar-led track that showcases the talent and tightness of the instrumentalists, guitarists Owen Harvey and Joe Page, bassist Oli Stanton and drummer Mike Smith. Track 6, ‘Four Fours’, further promotes the instrumentalist’s skills with its staccato rhythm, the timing is impeccable! Giannaccini’s vocal contribution is particularly impressive on this track. My favourite song of the album is track 7, ‘I Feel Like Your Enemy’. With its anthem-like feel, the instrumentals are breath-taking, the vocal effects impressive and the lyrics oozing with emotion.

The vocal performance by Anthony Giannaccini throughout the album is superb; the transition between singing and screaming is absolutely flawless! My only criticism of None The Less is that their sound is very similar to early 2000’s nu-metal bands; there doesn’t appear to be much experimentation on the album. ‘The Way To Save Ourselves’ is highly enjoyable and will appeal to a wide audience, but I don’t feel that the lads are pushing the boundaries of modern music with this offering. I do, however, feel that this album provides a good, strong structure to build new and more experimental music in the future - this band could go far!

To promote the album, None The Less are hitting the road this summer on a 15-date tour supporting The Young Guns. On top of this, they will also be appearing at Download and Underage festivals. For further information, as well as tour dates and venues, please see the band’s website: www.myspace.com/nonethelessonline