Live Reviews

HELLYEAH (Hellyeah UK Tour 2014) HELLYEAH (Hellyeah UK Tour 2014)
Wed Aug 27 2014
Hellyeah deliver a solid live show - full of very well received new tracks.
Biohazard (Biohazard UK Tour) Biohazard (Biohazard UK Tour)
Fri Aug 22 2014
The Godfathers of the Hardcore scene rolled into London and showed everyone how it's done. Pure chaos.
High On Fire (High On Fire - T... High On Fire (High On Fire - T...
Fri Aug 15 2014
Excellent set from one of the best live bands on the circuit. Your ears will never be the same after a High On Fire show.
Conan (High On Fire - The Unde... Conan (High On Fire - The Unde...
Fri Aug 15 2014
Conan have the pillar in The Underworld shaking as they unleash their breed of Doom.

Blink 182 (Blink-182 Reading a...

Ocean (The Ocean - Pelagial To...

Winery Dogs (Winery Dogs Europ...

Voodoo Six (Winery Dogs Europe...

F.O.E.S (FOES Summer Tour 2014)

Enid (Enid Summer 2014)

H.E.A.T (H.E.A.T UK Tour)

Clutch (Clutch Earth Rocker Wo...

Lionize (Clutch Earth Rocker W...

Turbowolf (Turbowolf - A Small...

People On Vacation (Spring Br...

Patent Pending (Spring Break U...

Lacey (Spring Break UK Tour 2014)

Wildhearts (The Wildhearts - U...

Foreigner (Foreigner UK Tour 2...


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CD Reviews

One Hundred, The - Subculture
An EP of two half's - the first unsettled and unfocused while the second catchy, musically intriguing and pleasing to the ears
When We Were Wolves - Heartless
Another gathering of strong musicians hailing from South Wales with enough oomph to knock you on your feet and leave you breathless for some time
Black Moth - Condemned To Hope
An excellent record from the Leeds based sludgy doomsters. The future looks to be very bright for them after this release.
Fahran - Chasing Hours
Sophomore albums often break bands, but this could be the album that makes Fahran.

Buzz Osborne - This Machine Ki...

Blues Pills - Blues Pills

Skam - Peacemaker

Generation Graveyard - Lonewolves

DeadAudioSaints - The Purge

Triverse Massacre - With Bared...

Madball - Hardcore Lives

Godflesh - Decline And Fall

Massive - Full Throttle

Hell, The - Groovehammer

Anathema - Distant Satellites

Fucked Up - Glass Boys

Mastodon - Once More 'Round Th...

SpeedShot - BLOW

Fire Red Empress - Paint Me Th...


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Singles Club August 2014
Another host of tracks for your listening pleasure - check these out and discover something new!
Ten Years On... August 2014
So what was everyone listening to in the midst of summer 2004? One of the most important Metal albums of the modern generation.
Interview with Republica and K...
We catch up with the two front women at Brighton Pride for a quick chat about the past, present, future, acting and Strictly!
Bloodstock Festival 2014 Review
Bloodstock delivers again with three days of monstrous and atmospheric performances, capturing the true spirit of metal!


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