Top Indie Pop

Londoners We Have Band may have only played their first gig a year ago, but they’ve already built up quite a name for themselves, they play catchy electro tunes that could pack dance floors. ‘You Came Out’ features cheeky vocals full of attitude from female singer Dede while a funky rhythm rumbles along, accompanied by a series of vibrant, trippy electro sounds. It’s a really fun tune that simply spells out “summer hit” from the heavy beats that introduce it to the insouciant whistles in its dying seconds. Your next indie dance floor hit is awaiting you…

‘West End Girls’ shows another side of the band as they create a tense, very contemporary sounding version of the Pet Shop Boys’ hit. The rapped vocals add a real edge to the song, while the electro beats give it a new, gritty tension. It’s the perfect tune to show off the trio’s electro trickery.