A Bright and Heartfelt Single

The Xcerts re-release single, ‘Just Go Home’ as a download single on 22nd June; it’s certainly a spunky enough tune to deserve more attention that it evidently gained first time around. At the risk of comparing them to their countrymen for the sake of it, the Scottish trio are rather like a more light-hearted Biffy Clyro with the same blend of heartfelt melodies, eloquent lyrics and epic harmonies. ‘Just Go Home’ follows a well-worn formula with a tense, glorious chorus developing from a bright verse with crashing guitars and driving vocal harmonies. The vocal line is rousing and the lyrics are a delightful mix of catchy but thoughtful, “Here is my problem, I’m like a car with no headlights” asserts singer Murray MacLeod amidst a buoyant backing of chirpy vocal whoops.

‘Just Go Home’ is a great little single packed with energy which bodes very well for the band’s new album ‘In The Cold Wind We Smile’.