Doctor Doctor Single

Since breakthrough album Overtones it has been two years since Just Jack invaded our airwaves, so what exactly has he been up to? Judging by lead single Doctor, Doctor, he’s been watching just a little bit too much TV.

The signs are evident early; basic rhyming couplets, elongated vowels and scandalous lyrics about unrequited love. Sound familiar? Switch on BBC Three and it appears as if the North London one has been binging on New Zealand’s finest folk comedy duo, Flight of The Conchords. Nothing inherently wrong there as the track is backed by enough hooks and beats to keep the masses sated. Yet quite why anyone would happily sing along to such lyrics as ‘Paranoid, delusional, lovesick, lonely, lost, nasty, jealous, insecure, at least that’s how I’m coming across’ is vague at best.

One wonders what the doctor would prescribe upon seeing the poor boy after hearing this. Less TV and more nights certainly, young man.