Crap name, great band

GEFF have been billed as being a super group of sorts. So far so good,
as any band with that sort of description banded around has to be
good, right? The pedigree is certainly there for all to see. GEFF were
founded by relative unknown guitarist, and recording debutant, Ralf
Jedestedt (anyone? Not from a supergroup!) who had a few killer licks
up his sleeve and sought out a couple of mates in bass player Per
Stadin (Billionares Boys Club - still not so super group!), and
drummer Anders Johansson (ex Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force and
current skin beater of might Hammer fall - much more super group!).
Bringing up the rear and catapulting the super group tag into all of
its true meaning is keyboardist Mats Olausson (12 yrs with Malmsteen,
surely an all-time record, and tinkler with ARK, John Norum,and Evil Masquerade), and uber singer Goran Edman (ex-Malmsteen,
Brazen Abbott and nearly Vinnie Vincent, that’s another interesting

So enough of the hype, have GEFF got the chops to be given the
’supergroup’ tag? You betcha! Its certainly been banded round a lot
over recent years with little credence (except Chickenfoot). GEFF has
the songs and the band to take this ball and run with it into the
distance should they choose to.

As far as ‘melodic rock’ album goes, its not! To be honest with you
its better than that, it’s a heavier pulsating, blusier ‘Classic Rock’
sound with great riffs, crackin’ vocals (Edman sings his arse off for a
bloke on the wrong side of 50), and pounding double bass drumming. For
the second time this year, I’m drawn by how much the songs on offer
are plucked up and carried along by the strong use of keys. They sit
on top of the songs and not just hidden around in the background like
many others which is why its worthy of the ’CR’ tag. The interplay
between keys and guitar, coupled with the thought and effort gone into
constructing the songs on LOTF. There's no overplaying of solos
thankfully, with noob Jedestedt playing his part perfectly with
Olausson filling the sound and soloing separately between them (Land
of the Free ).

Title track is very much a Malmsteen/Swedish rock-type offering, and
‘Fruits of Life’ is the first song on the cd to grab your attention.
With its bluesy keyboard opening and Whitesnake sounding (before the
widdling and hairspray) construction. ’Living Generation’ is very
Glenn Hughes-like due to Edmans vocal style used more than once on
LOTF. ‘Mr Cain’ takes its cue from 70’s style Mott The Hoople, and
‘Fools Paradise’ a cool groove laden track. Innvervations (very 80s
AOR opening) rounds od proceedings very nicely with Edman taking his
style to Dug Pinnick - uncanny resemblance!

I haven't dipped into some of by old Cds for some time, Edmans singing
has made me rediscover his cracking back catalogue/ GEFF is hopefully
here to stay, I look forward to their second album, as LOTF is a great
start which has a bit of something for everyone. LOTF is one of those
albums that surprises me, as I was not really expecting much, but its
one of my faves so far this year.Great debut