The Prima-Donnas

Girls with guitars; that's always cool. And when they can play them, well in the present musical climate, that's really special.

2002's "Spend the Night" introduced the world to The Donnas. Ok, so the world wasn't short of all-girl groups. But not really doing much for the feminist movement, these girls were spawned from stage school as a kind of all-singing, all-dancing eye-candy. Trained...from the brathing technique and distinct vocal style, the I-couldn't-shake-my-booty-any-harder-if-I-tried dance moves, to the finer points of plucking one's eyebrows and trowelling on the make-up. Plastic pop princesses all the little girls wanted to be and all the grown men wanted to be with. And the rest of us alas, were left wanting. What for? I'm not quite sure. Could it have been The Donnas?

Finally, a bunch of girls who admittedly aren't difficult on the eyes, but clearly hadn't been manufactured in order to adorn the pages of FHM. Instead these girls who sing with a bit of sassy individuality, write their own songs and can play their instruments well enough to earn them a slot at 2003's Lollapalooza and tours alongside The Strokes and Jimmy Eat World.

The Bangles of the new millennia. There's been a need for this type of girly-pop-rock for a long time. As the second release off their new album "Gold Medal", "I don't want to know (if you don't want me)" bursts into life with a delightful ACDC style riff. Upbeat and poptastic mate, the handclaps kick in and I'm sold. A tried and tested formula that never fails to work. The Donnas employ this power chord pop to full effect. Pretty 80's in their execution. I don't think this is deliberate but rather these girls can't help but sound like Kim Wilde and this track has a "Kids in America" feel. Too unoriginal to be remembered for generations to come. But what does that matter? We need music on the airwaves now, and this is perfect. My only criticism is that the chord structure and the beginning riff sounds exactly like Pink's "Charlie's Angels II" theme song "Real Good Time". But that was two years ago and it was a pop gem.

So as far as The Donnas go, I'm not really interested in finding out more about the band and I'll certainly not be buying an album, but driving to work and flicking on the radio, this is exactly what I wanna hear!