Nice solid mainstream rock

Zenyth show off their particular brand of indie, alternative and heavier rock by blending the styles together into a radio friendly listenable package full of big vocals, catchy riffs and solid beats.

The five tracks on the 'Fall' EP are packed with emotion and each one just begs you to sing along. It moves through a balanced structure with each track showing off a definite blending of styles. The title track 'Fall' starts things off with catchy lyrics and flowing melodies before leading in to 'Death of a City Life' which provides a more regimented beat. The South Welshmen then slow things down into track three 'Adore You' returning to a more upbeat 'Dirt' with it's catchy rhythms and finally ending on a more sober note with 'Voices'.

Vocalist Paul Regan has a distinctive voice that is utilised well in each song, being the clear, identifiable constant throughout the EP. There's nothing dramatically new about their style but the band have talent and do what they do very well.

This is music with a broad appeal and should be embraced by the mainstream and specialised radio, TV and fans.

Fall is released October 12 and available online and on the high street.