A sea change brings our hero back to us

Beck's back, rejoice, we're saved. Yes, returning to the fore with stunning new single E-pro is our favourite beat maestro Mr. Beck Hansen. The seas have changed once again for this fantastic young man who never fails to surprise, he comes bearing gifts of heavy, guitar-laden sweet beats lavished with subtle words and melody that only someone who commands an unrivalled mastery can produce. And we all know Beck falls second place to none.

The power chords hark back to One Foot In The Grave's Burnt Orange Peel. Pelting you with a weighty and juicy tone. The simple chorus gets stuck right there in your head and the verse lyrics are just what you'd expect from this magnificent man of wit, a beat generation crazy hipster mystic. This song lures your ears and brings a big smile to your mouth, a smile because Beck has come again to rule the kingdom of music. Best solo artist since Bob Dylan I'd go so far as to say, may we have many more like E-pro...