One of the younger generation

Another American pseudo-punk band explode from Florida; Yellowcard are a blend of The Ataris pop-punk and Green Day-esque vocals with a few strings thrown in for good measure. It's simple, clean, ripped-trouser fun with lyrics straight from the high school band room.

Two tracks in and I'm feeling a little sleepy, luckily "Something of Value" contains the first hint of diversity, with cute but honest lyrics and the first hints of teenage angst. Acoustic guitar adds to this neat pop song, which borders on emo; especially with the introduction of some pretty, sweet violins. It's pretty and gentle and far more genuine many of the other bouncy tunes.

While most of the tracks make you want to teach them some new chords, or switch off the overdrive pedal, there are some unique and chirpy tunes. "Trembling" is a positive and fast-paced trip through verses of overdriven guitar, a neat solo and driving percussion, it's got a welcome spark of anxiety and passion.

The violin-led intro of "Sureshot" sounds like something from the St Patrick's Day celebrations, but makes this a unique and quirky little tune. It's a sure-fire high school hit, with the slightly simplistic lyrics "Bye mom and dad". Yes, this album really is 'one for the kids'.

Finale "Rough Draft" is a mellow acoustic number putting the two vocalists' young American voices to the best use in a heartfelt, understated tune. "Like Saturday night I'll be gone", the lyrics swoon, "You're leaving me in lieu of this song." Unfortunately the hidden tracks holds one of the most powerful punk riffs on the album, but lasts a mere 58 seconds.

I have to say that unless you still live with "mom and dad", you're unlikely to appreciate this exuberant album. It is essentially just teenage pop-punk, but the smart twists like violins and discordant guitars do make it stand out as well put-together.