Rabbit Heart

To enter the world of Florence and The Machine is to experience a bygone age; of harpsichords, looking glasses and unicorns, well, probably unicorns. Yet while it would be simple to deem Florence Welch as eccentric, ‘Rabbit Heart’ is smartly executed. From the intrigue of gentle folky percussion to Welch’s smooth vocals that lull you in before her voice smothers the track in a high-pitched layer of loveliness.

Judging by the lyrical content Welch may indeed occupy a fantasy world with pseudo-mythical references to Alice In Wonderland and King Midas. In direct contrast, her band’s penchant for melody and rich, musical soundscapes is incredibly tangible. Spiralling harpsichord notes provide the glamorous edge to rather formulaic drum beats but combined, the two form a dense, hook laden base for Welch to reach her own high notes to. The blend is somewhat mesmerising and whatever the accusations towards Welch as somewhat over-hyped, there are few tracks as fascinating as ‘Rabbit Heart‘.