Sick City Club

The band has recently changed their name from Sick City Club to The Skyline, not one due to a change in band members or a new musical direction but one to stop any future legal action.

‘Valletta’ is a song that came before the name change but will likely remain a favourite for everyone that hears it. It opens with a simple guitar riff but hides much more behind the soft pings. ‘Valletta’ is a song of epic proportions. The guitars are gentle yet they have subtlety, forcefulness and strength. There is also what sounds like the odd electronic element squirming between the riffs and beats. The chorus is powerful and erupts into full swing.

After you listen for a while you can’t help but have an impression indented into your mind - melodic Brit-rock at its finest. This song was originally released as a free download but will likely be finding its place in your music player for a while yet to come.