Family Force 5 - Dance Or Die

The new single by Family Force 5 is the title track from their recent album ‘Dance or Die’.

As this song begins, the dreaded thought of this being a pure dance track made its presence known. As the vocals kick in however, the tears begin to roll down the cheeks. Not for dread of what was to come but because there is a brighter alternative nature to the track. Musically it has a club mix, techno dance element with the odd alternative side. The vocals are melodic yet has a croaky edge. There is more than one vocal contribution present so this keeps the ears intrigued.

‘Dance or Die’ has all this ambition and such an appealing rhythm that it drags you in with its melodies and uniqueness and thrives to make a tune that you cannot help but fall in love with…and by golly gosh they have made it.