Just the right blend of poppy punk rock

With exactly the right blend of soft and slow, upbeat and bounce, The Xcerts latest single 'Nightschool' is a track that ticks all the boxes. If you only heard this song you could be forgiven for thinking that they're just another cookie cutter poppy punk rock band, doing all the right things to attract fans of the genre.
But that would be a big mistake.

The b-side 'Home vs Home' (The Blueskies remix) is therefore the perfect accompaniment. This remixed version offers a completely different dynamic with it's slightly off kilter vocals backed by strong guitars and subtle drums, while still maintaining the energy of the original.

With this release The Xcerts show they can appeal to the obvious fans and draw in the masses, but also give you a hint that they can do a lot more. They display an undoubtable talent for songwriting and leave you intrigued to see what else they have on offer.