The Yeah You's - Looking Through You

It is not very often that you come across a record you can instantly enjoy without fear of having to skip a couple of tracks. ‘Looking Through You’ is the recent release from pop rock duo Nick Ingram and Mike Kintish, a.k.a The Yeah You’s and is one of these albums.

It is the vocals that are the dominant feature on ‘Looking Through You’, soaring high about the vast amount of musical sounds yet being able to weave into the melodies to sound very connected. The vocals sing together like members of a choir, in tune and amalgamated together so they sound as one. Even so, the lead vocal is able to successfully stand-alone at times.

Vibrant melodies with full instrumentation are what hold each of the eleven tracks to such high standards. There are so many sounds to consider and take pleasure in listening to that you will not be left with a minute’s boredom. The styles that the tracks follow alter very slightly throughout the release. Some tracks lean towards a poppier surface, such as the opening track ’15 Minutes’, some take a more electro inclined musical side and others that are just very satisfying and encourage you to forget the approaching winter months as they fill you with an inner warmth. Alongside the buoyant tracks are some slower songs like the virtually acoustic ‘If I’d Only Said Hello’. One that was of particular interest, ‘It’s Happening To Me’, goes to prove that even with little effort, an explosive sound can be created.

The Yeah You’s fuse together elements so well that you are instantaneously engrossed and want to hear more. Blending together sing-a-long lyrics, adoring vocals and great melodies, The Yeah You’s create an enjoyable, easy to listen to and very well fashioned album with ‘Looking Through You’.