Saving Aimee - We're The Good Guys

British pop rock six-piece Saving Aimee has already toured with the likes of Enter Shikari, Simple Plan, Fightstar, Go:Audio, Kill Hannah and McFly, but have only just put their music to CD to release their debut album ‘We're The Good Guys’.

Justin Hawkins, former front man of the Darkness, produces the album and his lively and very energetic personality has obviously rubbed off on these songs. Having grown up together, these six fellas have an already bonded relationship, which is very beneficial when trying to make music. Combining a pop liveliness and a rock edge with dance beats and sing-a-long lyrics, these eleven tunes are well fashioned.

The albums ‘Intro’ will instantly catch your attention with it's Saving Aimee chant. This is the first demonstration of the types of energetic melodies the band can create and the enjoyment continues. From this moment there is a stable larger than life feeling. The dance beats are always consistent yet do change in their strength. Sometimes they are the light basis for a song, then the drum beats and guitar riffs are placed on top while at other times they are the main focus. Alongside the ever-bouncy electronic intensities are some rather strong and sharp guitar solos. One of the strangest moments though is on ‘High 5s’ when a Queen like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ style takes hold at the beginning before other instrumentals settle in.

There are two particular tracks to take note of; without the hard-hitting rhythms, ‘Boredom’ makes less of a physical impact and because of its slower melodies makes a more emotional effect. Then there is the album closer ‘Hold On’, where the electronics create a big atmosphere through a slower song. Every element seems to be perfectly united, from electronics, sounds and vocals, to create the largest song and the highlight of the album.

Saving Aimee has done incredibly well making this debut something enjoyable to listen to.