A lush sugar rush of electro pop

Imagine being 5-years old and suddenly stepping into chocolate factory full of sugary indulgence that looks perfect in everyway; this is the kind of extravagant pleasure that Owl City offer to fans of twee electro music. ‘Umbrella Beach’ instantly overwhelms the listener with a thick electro blanket of swirling samples, handclaps and robotic vocals. There’s talk of “daisys”, “underwater ferris wheels” and “chandeliers” and you’re instantly removed from the real world and transported to somewhere so gleeful that it’s hard not to imagine hyperactive kids bouncing around to ‘Umbrella Beach’ at parties.

Lush and beautifully produced, ‘Umbrella Beach’ can’t be faulted musically, but I’ll wager that it’s a little too saccharine for most. Infact it’s so sweet that it would probably cause your average emo lover to melt.