Fat Olive

If you can remember back to the moment you were first stunned by the vocal capability of Alex Band of the Calling, the minute he blew you away with his voice, expect much of the same from lead singer Alan Williams and his band Fat Olive. William’s has a very similar vocal ability; strong, endearing, confident, sensual and able to achieve such varying pitches from all the high notes to those of a more passionate deeper tone. This voice alone is something to fall for. The aspect to feel concerned about however is how vocally different the CD and Myspace versions sound; they sound half as passionate as they do on CD and nowhere near as desirable.

Musically each of the songs on this double A Side single is just as powerful as the vocals. ‘Vaquero’ is upbeat while ‘Awake’ is slightly softer and more ambitious. Through the use of melodies this four piece create great energy so expect more great things from Fat Olive and their debut album ‘Twenty2’ which is out soon.