Daisy Cutter's sound certainly is something special!

Norwegian rockers Daisy Cutter are hitting the UK with their EP ‘The Wreck Sessions’. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of bands including Led Zeppelin, A Perfect Circle and Smashing Pumpkins, Daisy Cutter’s sound certainly is something special.

The contrast of the gritty vocals against the smooth yet powerful instrumentals works remarkably well; the band has its own original sound without completely turning the genre on its head. Not unlike melodic acts such as Theory of a Deadman but also occasionally wandering into indie territory, the guys have found themselves a niche sound that will appeal to a diverse audience.

I love it when I hear a vocal performance that stops me dead in my tracks, when I just have to hear more. I experienced that on final track, ‘Secure Settings’ which is absolutely outstanding!

Daisy Cutter say they are “preparing for recording and extensive touring nationwide and abroad” I can’t wait!

Daisy Cutter are vocalist Rainer Vasshaug, guitarist Jan Olav Isachsen, bassist Stein Edvardsen and drummer Geir Nordheim.