The perfect song for the impending apocalypse

What happens when your dad drinks too much shandy at Christmas, climbs up on the roof and starts caterwauling to the moon? Well, he’s either going to end up falling off and breaking his ankle, leaving the whole family to spend Xmas night in A&E, or, he might just be part of London based band Albino who offer up their Seasonal joy fest of a tune, ‘I love Everyone’.

There’s the sleigh bells, the strum of an acoustic guitar and Ben Tucker’s strangled, beer soaked voice as he gulps out ‘I love every one of you’; how sweet. While this little ditty is meant purely as a tongue in cheek farce, by the time it’s all over there’s only a mild feeling of depression left lingering in the air. Sure; it may have been voted as the best new Christmas song by listeners of BBC Live south but my guess is that everyone who voted was intending to kill themselves at some point anyway; Albino fans are surely a nihilistic lot.

The second track remix is actually more enjoyable because it sounds like the song which will be played on the day of the impending apocalypse so, at least there’s some reason and continuity to it. Overall, it’s strange and unnerving but no doubt, will please all those sad-sacks in the South.