Lounge Fly - Lap It Up

Created though the demise of various other bands, Cheltenham female fronted six piece Lounge Fly look to the dirtier side of pop rock infused music for their recent five track Ep ‘Lap It Up’.

Opening with the title track, it instantly kicks your state of mind into their direction. Roaring drumming and sharp guitar riffs are what comprise the foundation for the band to work with. This basis is moulded differently for each track, although each one does remain edgy and slick. One notable point is the catchy choruses that seem to occur within the songs, most evident on ‘In My Bones’. Forget bumping your head this one will make you want to scream the lyrics out LOUD!

On some occasions female vocalists can have a real problem singing this style of music, putting on a gruffer tone to set the right mood and keep in style with the darker and faster music. This could usually bring the entire track down and sound completely forged and therefore a horrible listen. Luckily, female vocalist Susannah Moffat doesn’t have this problem. She is able to sing using her naturally sharp and alluring voice, adding enough sex appeal to spice things up a tad while remaining sincere.

‘Lap It Up’ will add that little taste of naughtiness that has been missing from your musical diet.