Ben Montague - Rainy Day

There is no doubt that once you hear the talents of Ben Montague you will want to hear a lot more from this artistic musician.

His recent single is ‘Rainy Day’ is the latest addition to his delightful music. It is an emotion felt song with heartfelt lyrics written beautifully and with sentiment proving he has the capability to write some incredible catchy and meaningful songs. His voice is like that of an angel, vibrant and passionate for what he is singing about. Musically, guitars drive the song, with the addition of some beautiful string fragments.

The remaining songs demonstrate his talents go further with lyrics that are just as beautifully written, vocally projected with such a moving manor and musically defining him as one of the finest singer songwriter musicians in the industry today. When singing he emits such confidence and emotion with the strings and piano making it ever much more evident.

Ben Montague is a man who obviously loves what he does and will be noticed for putting his heart and soul into his music, singing and enjoying himself every step of the way.