Embrace the darkness

For a debut EP this certainly is impressive stuff. Progressive metal mob, The Safety Fire, meld dark down-tuned noise with seriously complex riffs and some brilliant melodic sections. Opener, ‘Sections’, is a master-class in technique with a couple of really impressive solos (provided by Pin (Sikth) and Martin Goulding (Linear Sphere)) and plenty of tapping. The rest of the EP is filled with a dizzying array of fretwork; some of it reminiscent of the type of work Sikth were known for, but darker and nastier and The Safety Fire have an additional edge, because they also have a knack for penning a fantastic melody too.

'DMB’ starts heavy, with chunky riffs, but has a lovely melodic ending, the short but sweet ‘Sululary’ is all gentle picking, very atmospheric. The excellent ‘Spoilage’ soars majestically and shouts in your face in equal measure. The Safety Fire do heavy so well; those incredible riffs hold you captive much of the time but don’t forget to listen for nicely gruff vocals, really solid drumming, hooks and memorable tunes too. This EP makes you hungry for their debut album which is to follow later this year and makes them ones to watch out for in 2010.