Brooding Indie

On their debut album Dag för Dag have tried to capture their sound as a live band, the brother/sister duo have done a good job in this respect; the album has a lo-fi, raw expansive sound full of echoes and it really suits their style of indie-rock down to the ground. “Boo” has an old school indie vibe running through it, think The Jesus and Mary Chain, Galaxie 500, Mazzy Star, dark, slightly melancholy, minimal; all about the uncomplicated riffs, tambourine and distorted feedback, just simple tunes played simply.

Most of the tracks on “Boo” have duel vocals and slight distortion on the guitar (often with a flash of feedback)and they all sound like they are played in a huge empty room with the extreme echo giving a pleasing atmospheric effect. The feedback drenched ‘Seven Stories’ is a good example as it also has a really nice catchy riff to pull you in. ‘Traffic Jam’ is one of the best tracks a bit of string bending on the guitar becomes a focal point and ‘Animal’ is almost poppy with the most energetic and tuneful performance on the record and nice distortion on the vocals.

This is not an album to listen to with friends, it is a solitary affair, making you think of sultry summer nights laying awake in the heat and the melancholy tone will not lighten your mood(in fact they may even make you feel a little too introspective if you’re in the wrong frame of mind). However on the flip side, these moody, brooding songs are very effective in transporting you to a space where it is just you and the music. There are some nice ideas on this record and Dag för Dag are worth checking out but overall this record can feel a touch repetitive if listened to all in one go as the songs all have the same structure and vocal approach, it’s best broken in into smaller doses.