Nale single review

Chugging guitars and harsh vocals. This really is the sh*t. 'From Sh*t To Salvation' is the debut single from Swedish metallers Nale and it certainly packs a punch. The band have already received good reviews from Rock Magazine Close-Up in their home country and have also been getting radio airplay on Stockholm Station Bandit Radio despite not having released an album.

'From Sh*t To Salvation' opens up with thick, chunky open guitar strums and there is very little let up till the song finishes clocking in at just under two and a half minutes. This certainly wouldn’t sound out of place in any rock/metal nightclub up and down the country.

The two other tracks on the release are 'New World Order' and 'Why am I?', the former manages to blend metal riffs with a rock groove while 'Why am I?' is a non-stop trash of sound right to the end. The way it should be. Hopefully Nale will get to the chance to build on what sounds like strong potential.