this suit single review

According to the PR sugar coated biography on their website 12 stone toddler are the sound of a bygone era of rock where all sorts of influences were thrown together into a hot cauldron to create something different. But Judging by the Brighton band’s new single ’This suit’ the results of this are a bit undercooked.

Although there is no doubting the very competent musicianship with good keyboard work from Ben Jones as well as a steady and solid beat from drummer Pat Garvey the track is not something that will stick in many people’s head outside their own fan base.

12 stone toddler are by no means a bad band. Probably better than many others at the same point in their careers as them. Going on some of their other songs they should find their way into a wider conscience at some point. This is maybe not the best choice of single to help them do that. Kudos for having the flamboyant and eccentric image nailed down though.