Dakota - We Get Along

Dakota is a Leamington-Spa foursome that is going to be unforgettable in the coming year. To begin with they have a new single on the horizon called ‘We Get Along’.

Bringing the 1960s pop era to the 21st century with the addition of some harder anthemic melodies and the distinct British pop sounds, Dakota construct a memorable song with ‘We Get Along’. It is complete with full instrumentation, a skill of bringing together so many differing yet compelling sounds that you are overcome and overjoyed with passion and admiration while longing to hear more. Singer/songwriter Ben Talbot is a front man who knows how to create an inspiring tune.

Next to watch out for is the band's debut album ‘Heart & Soul’ which is due for release later in the year. If this song is an example of the sparkling pop side of the upcoming album, then bring it on! This is only a glimpse of what Dakota has in store for music lovers in the coming year; watch out as 2010 is going to be their year.