Echoes Fall - Ignite The Fury

Having built up quite a following over the last twelve months or so, Ipswich born Echoes Fall has got to the stage where they have been able to put the sounds created at a live gig to a hard copy.

‘Ignite the Fury’ is the debut EP from quintet and takes a listener on a journey through four melodic metal/death core songs. The release opens with the music based ‘Intro’ which with dark guitars and organ, screams with passion for Phantom of the Opera. As the more energy filled tunes crack on, the title track consists of dark rhythmic guitars, loud crashing drums and the moans of deep devilish vocals by Jamie. ‘The Wraith’ continues in a similar style with the pounding music gaining something a little lighter with its electric guitar tenancies, that this and the closer have thanks to guitarist Seb. The closer, ‘Confessions of a Self Righteous Mind’ starts with a nod of mystery then continues as with the previous two but with speedier drumming at the hands of Gavin.

So it has sharp guitar riffs, pounding drums, some darker melodies as well as the lighter elements that seeps in and to top it all off the gruff moans and groans of a shadowy nature. You’ll love it!