Kah - Goose Girl

London based Kah is responsible for every part of her songs; each layer is her own creation. There’s something satisfying about knowing this information when you listen to ‘Goose Girl’. Her voice is used as an instrument, and doesn’t seem to be pushed unnecessarily to the forefront. Kah’s vocals flitter with bird-like chirping, childish at times and almost a whisper, but in the best way possible. It helps create an atmosphere, an atmosphere that can best be described as unique. Even though ‘Goose Girl’ does have the feel of a Lykke Li demo, there’s something far rawer about Kah and her delivery. The strings jerk defiantly underneath the frail vocals, with occasional taps from percussion going almost unnoticed. Despite the fact this is as built up as the song gets, that doesn’t seem to matter; anymore instrumentation and the mood would be ruined. The instruments work together brilliantly; nothing is fighting for the spotlight.

‘Goose Girl’ is a song of simple elegance, dressed thinly with ethereal vocals. At times it is easy to forget that this is the first single from her debut album; it seems so polished and self assured. Despite the fact that ‘Goose Girl’ does continue along a repeated theme, somehow it still surprises. It can be unsettling in places, spine tingling and sparse. ‘Goose Girl’ seems incredibly unassuming at first, but it soon creeps into your mind and refuses to leave, ending as sparsely and quietly as it started. I’m sure that this is a love it or hate it song, but the best songs always are.