Year Zero

Bustin’ Out is a carefully selected compilation, prepared by DJ Mike Maguire. Mike has been a DJ for the last 30 years, and he hates being pigeon-holed. As soon as someone tries to classify his style of music he would change it. He believes that genres should not be compartmentalised and the broad spectrum of this compilation is a clear representation of this belief.

This is a compilation covering the post punk era between 1979 and 1981. A trip back in time giving us an insight to some of the music that may have influenced some bands in the early eighties, like Spandau Ballet, ABC, Kraftwerk, Happy Mondays and Human League, to name a few.

The first track is provided by Gary Numan’s band, Tubeway Army, blasting us back in time on an electronic fuelled rocket with Replicas. You can almost taste the excitement in the air with all the new ‘space age’ technology being used to create all these unique sound experiences. We have survived the Psychedelic 60’s, safely glided through the 70’s with its Disco sounds and Punk era; and now we are getting ready for the New Wave of the 80’s.

Loose Joints brings the 70’s boogie back in Is It All Over My Face, whilst Bustin’ Out by Material (feat. Nona Hendryx) is a must listen; busting out of the seventies, groovy.

Some other tracks like 'Frontier' by Dead Can Dance and 'Body to Body' by Front 242 are a bit over the edge and brave inclusions. And be warned, Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s cover of Arthur Brown's 'Fire' is not for the purists or faint hearted.
'Suicide Commando' by No More is simply still punk, pulling you back to the seventies but drawn to the eighties by the electronic sound. The final track, 'The Gospel Comes to New Guinea' by 23 Skidoo brings a nice tribal close to a very interesting trip back in time.

All and all this is a very enjoyable recording of those often undocumented years between the disco/punk seventies and the new wave/electronic eighties. Bring back the vinyl busting, twin turntable juggling DJ’s. This is how it was in the early eighties, exciting times.