The Darkness

To follow their stunning debut album, Admiral Angry have hit back with “A Fire To Burn Down The World”, a one track, 23 minute EP of bone-shattering nastiness. The track opens with those distinctive A.A. vocal screams; emotionally moving and disturbing at the same time, almost on the edge of losing the plot at all times but so effective. Those are backed by dark, dirty bass and riffs so low they are almost inaudible, it makes you think of gears grinding, industrial noises throbbing away in the background and then there is the distorted fuzz, positively evil on the ears if you turn it up LOUD, but oh so good.

This EP was recorded live on tape, and apparently on vintage analogue equipment; you can really hear the difference straight away, the tone is fuzzy and distorted, very rich and almost crackling with life. It gives the track a warmth that is needed to counteract the uncompromising darkness that seeps from every sludgy throb, every anguished scream, every creepy chord.

There is a moment near the end of the track where the instruments are left to moan an eerie lament, like they have been strummed and then put down like as would happen in a live set. The effect is shockingly melancholy and almost sinister, it sends shivers up your spine that make you want to check behind you for shadows in the corners of the room. A.A. have again created something with incredible depth; it never lets up, it never compromises, just slays you with intensity and reminds you just how punishingly heavy music can be. This is just as good as any of the tracks on their debut full length and having given that full marks, there’s no way we can give this any less.

Simply brilliant.