‘Your Heart is Ready for Home’ will be released digitally on April 19th.

Pareto has just celebrated their first birthday as a band and after much hard work, they are ready to release their EP ‘Your Heart is Ready for Home’.

The sound created by the Glaswegian trio is still fairly rough around the edges, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be a downfall. Within these four songs, there is a lot of ambition which projects a passion for making music. The songs sound as if recorded in a basement, but give off a live and ready to rock ambiance. By sounding live, it gives the impression of actually seeing them perform.

The opener ‘Castle’ instantly crashes with guitars, the harmonies faintly be made out. ‘Nothing Major’ tones down the guitars which helps the vocals to become more distinctive and much more enjoyable, especially when the harmonies are stronger. ‘Points Win Prizes’ shows a softer side, although everything still sounds very sharp. Things do increase in intensity but remain to some degree emotive. One thing to be noted on this number is the magnitude of sounds created by a variety of instruments.

The concluding number ‘Call Me Alphabet’ is the easiest on the ears; it is slower than the other tunes, builds greatly and it actually conjurs visions of a crowd bouncing along and joining in when it is played live.

‘Your Heart is Ready for Home’ will be released digitally on April 19th.