Their finest work to date

For those of you that had the pleasure of hearing ‘Ballads for Beauties & Beasts’, the first album by V0iD back in 2008, you will overjoyed by the prospect of a second even better album. Since the release of this debut, the South Wales rock band, specifically singer / writer Wayne Doyle has been busy developing the perfect sound for and it has been found!

‘Zero’ is the name of the new album and is a delightful combination of heavy rolling guitar hooks, riffs to make your head rock and enough sentiment to make it that much more memorable and moving to listen to. The first couple of tracks opens purely on desirable guitars rhythms, but as the tunes continue you begin to notice there is MUCH more to these four fellas than their ability to pin a decent guitar hook. ‘Zero’ is the first single to be taken from the album and is about a near death experience where Wayne woke up in hospital dazed and confused. Although it is a catchy tune, it is not the most dazzling song to be released for a first single, but still grasps the guitars and melodies well. Other favourites include, ‘She Loves Me Not’, which will get your arm muscles aching to be moved from side to side; ‘Time Will Tell’, which delves deeper into the emotional side of things, wrapping a listener in a comforting blanket. ‘California’s Burning’ is beautiful in all aspects; the piano and guitars compliment each other incredibly, the vocals are strong while the lyrics so catchy you’ll be singing them for days. ‘Wide Awake’ opens with the beautiful piano melody then as it builds the tension, everything kicks in guitars and strings make for a stunning power ballad. Also, listen out for a touch of inspiration of AC/DC on ‘Blow Your Mind’.

As well as the abundant amount of catchy choruses, precious melodies and epic tunes, another feature the album has, has to be the immensely strong and endearing vocals of lead singer Wayne. They are lined with a subtle slickness that you can’t help but slide into. ‘Zero’ is the most stunning follow up album and should not to be missed.