I Am Kloot - Over My Shoulder

Now when I inserted I Am Kloot's CD single "Over My Shoulder" I became rather confused. On my iTunes it came up as song name: 'Falsas Espeanzas', Artist: Christina Aguilera. I thought it was some cruel joke; was someone trying to butcher my ears? What had I done to deserve this? Oh the shame. Have I tainted my dear sweet ipod?

I very cautiously pressed play, quaking in my chair, then I hear it: the calm intro to the song. It doesn't sound like Christina Aguilera. I don't hear any whines, moans or groans. What is this? I hear a man's voice, has she had a sex change?

No, No, it's Johnny Bramwell. Johnny Bramwell has a wonderful voice, reminiscent of Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins in beautiful songs like '1979'. The percussion in this song is distinctive and brilliant. It doesn't have the most profound of lyrics, it isn't genre changing, but it's nice. It has the type of beat you can nod your head to and a simple, clean cut summery melody that will subtly stick in your head all day, but not in the dreadful Christina Aguilera "Wanna get dirty" way.

I can imagine this being put into heavy rotation on Xfm and indie radio stations, even though it is by definition a pop song. But you have to keep in mind that, if all pop were this good, I wouldn't say it with such a sneering tone in my voice. I Am Kloot are good, I'll admit, they provide hope for the future of pop, even if they did give me the fright of my life.