A Daisy Cutter is a bomb used in Vietnam whilst an “M.O.A.B.” is an even bigger bomb. Obviously we should expect an ear blasting experience. And with the band hailing from Norway, it’s got to be loud!

'M.O.A.B' is Daisy Cutter’s second EP and it has some of rock’s great names who helped with the mixing and mastering. We have Andy Gill (mixing) and Ray Staff (mastering), who have done work for the likes of INXS, Muse, RHCP and even the mighty Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones between the two of them. Naturally, as soon as names are dropped like this, I become a bit apprehensive about the band, because it should be the music that sells. However, Daisy Cutter did not disappoint; and 'M.O.A.B.' rocks.

What we have here is the rock band that we’ve all heard before and recognise. Take two Foo Fighters and add a QOTSA. Place in hot cauldron on an open fire. Add a teaspoon of Nirvana. Simmer for two hours and you have Daisy Cutter. I can’t lie, I really enjoyed this. It’s familiar, it’s easy on the ears, it’s grunge, it’s rock and roll and it’s enjoyable. I’m off to the pub to put this on the jukebox, order a Tennessee Whiskey and wait for the people to start dancing.

'Queen Bitch' is my favourite track on the EP. It is a good old solid grunge rock song. Nice catchy rock riffs and beat, with solid throat ripping vocals. It builds up to the familiar grunge crescendo and slow right down again for the second surge. There is a strong Queens of the Stone Age along with the Foo Fighters influence on this track.

The opening track, 'Sure Knees' reminds me a lot of Nirvana’s early days, albeit with a little bit more upbeat lyrics, it is definitely influenced by the 90’s grunge era.

The EP is brought to a close by 'Naked'. The lyrics are great with “...like to see you naked in the rain...” - you've got to love this. This is nice and groovy rock and roll with a sexual undertow. Perfect!

'M.O.A.B' is a very enjoyable record. It is a very professional piece of work, and along with the clean lyrics, we should expect it to receive a lot of air play on all good rock radio stations world wide.

Daisy Cutter has big plans for 2010, with possible tours through Europe and the UK, and also a November tour through various countries in Asia.