Should come with an old age health warning

Awesome sound created by four young lads from Worcestershire in the Midlands! This record will have you hooked from the start and you won't be able to turn it off, well almost.

I am trying hard to ignore the fact that these guys are all just teenagers. However, don’t make the same mistake I did by thinking this is just another bunch of kids who just started a garage band for fun. Amorth is a seriously, not to be underestimated, awesomely mature in sound, metal band. They have the potential to be absolutely huge. Currently signed to Mother Should Know Records, I hope we will get to see them at major festivals very soon.

The band has been established for six years and if they settle with the current line-up, they should be breaking some barriers within a few years.

Oliver Hunt has amazingly mature vocal capabilities and along with Chris Mueller, delivers awesome riffs on their guitars. Additional vocals are provided by bassist, Jonathan Webster. The line-up is completed with William Harris, setting an incredibly fast pace on the drums.

The vocals delivered as a fusion of strong deep growls and clean harmonies. Combined with riff hungry guitar solos making this the best new sound I’ve heard in a while.

Amorth are reminiscent of Killswitch Engage and also of a young Machine Head fuelled groove, pumping straight into heavy death metal/melodic thrash. Other times they bring to mind Bullet for my Valentine, but just better and more brutal.

“Shake the Earth” is so heavy, it induces goosebumps, going into an awesome breakdown before building up with a great guitar solo to conclude the song. Arguably the best track, “Created to Kill” will compete with most mature death metal bands. Children of Bodom should be worried. A dark heavy start to “Infection” provides a quite before the storm of riff laden guitars. Whilst “Take It or Leave It” is so fast that it should carry an old age warning. Be warned, it is not for the faint hearted; as is the case with “The Consummation”. Sadly I must admit that I don’t like the final track, “Time for Change”.

Granted some of the songs sound very generic with some room for development of their own sound, we must remember this is the debut album created by four teenagers. As the band matures we will have the next big home-grown metal band.

When you listen to “Await me Now”, make sure you listen to it loud. Don’t waste your time with the volume below ten. Turn it up loud! Amorth sucks the soul out of you and blasts the rotten remains back through your bleeding ears.