Cross Genre Pop Punk Rock

I guess what we have here is just another pop punk band to offer an outlet for frustrated pimply faced teenagers expressing their rage.

Well, that was my first opinion when I read the press pack with a picture of the clean cut pop punkers. However, surprisingly I think Defcon has a bit more to offer. Maybe the press pack does not reflect what I heard when I put the CD on.

“Neon Nights” is the debut full-length album released by this six-piece from Austria. Having already broken the European scene in 2006, they have released this album through Lockjaw records in the UK on the 18th January 2010. The catchy “King of the World” have received extensive radio and video plays in Europe, and to be honest, Defcon have a few very radio friendly songs on “Neon Nights”

The band consists of Manuel Schaffernak and Pierre Flitsch on vocals, Christian Kowatsch and Jurgen Huttner on guitars, Mathias Ruppnig on drums; and Armin Breuer on the bass.

The album kicks of with a very solid, albeit catchy, rock influenced riff laden guitars before thrashing into pure punk rock. At times I’m reminded of the earlier Rancid sound. Granted that some songs are more pop punk almost Blink182 or Green Day like, but there is a twist. Defcon also have a vocalist with an awesome metalcore voice.

“King of the World” starts as a clean cut punk rock song and develops into an awesome hard core song. My favourite track on this album is the title track, “Neon Nights”. With a solid Rock ‘n Roll intro, mashed into a Rancid like punk rock song and blasted with awesome metal growling. Yes, a total miss match of genres, but I think it works.

Don’t get me wrong, Defcon is empty, shallow, punk songs; but Defcon is a radio friendly pop punk core metal rock band (are there any genre’s left...). All the band members, bar the drummer, contribute to the vocals to deliver catchy, cross genre songs.

Defcon are touring through the UK in May including a show at London’s Hope and Anchor. More details on tour dates are on their myspace site.