Lacklustre but classy indie

Ocean Colour Scene are one of the few British bands that don't seem to fade, whether they're in the charts or not, their presence is constantly felt. "Free My Name" is the first, ice-breaking track from their imminent album.

The intro is big and bold; the brass wouldn't be out of place in a west end musical, but unfortunately unwarranted for a fairly uneventful track. It's a smooth, upbeat number with a classy, catchy chorus, but nothing the band, or others like them haven't presented before. Steve Craddock's voice is soulful and raspy and the whole feel is very brassy blues, something that really hasn't surfaced through the charts for years. Unfortunately the track really doesn't seem to go anywhere or progress, the intro is the most memorable part and the fade-out ending doesn't help at all.

It's not all a dismal failure though, acoustic B-side "Another Time To Stay" has some gorgeous Craddock vocals that are truly heart melting, "I had another dream, but I could not see you only". I feel a little guilty after learning that "Free My Name" was actually written several years ago and its fans include Liam Gallagher. I'm sorry, but there's just a little something missing somewhere and we know Ocean Colour Scene can do far better.