Obsessive Compulsive’s music is full of aggressive rock tinged with a punk feel that is sure to see this debut album from the UK rockers make some big moves in the rock world. The four piece claim to have a wide range of musical tastes as their fan base, with metallers, punks, goths, glam heads and even "normal looking people" come to see their shows and judging by this 12 track album, it is not hard to see why you get the mixed bag come to see them.

The music on ‘Dreams of Death and the Death of Dreams’ is powerful enough for the metallers complete with the double kick bass drum, has the edge and anger to attract punk fans, the dark lyrics to make any goth happy and wrap it all up to create a real good sound which I guess is what normal looking people like.

Tracks like, opener, ‘$$’ set the tone right from the start with the band letting loose with their fiery side. The chorus sees the impressive lead singer, Kelii, scream "You are the enemy and we will not be deceived, you better keep your dirty hands off our dreams. We’re taking the power into our own hands, we’ve been standing outside gigs and getting thrown out of clubs for flyering for as long as I can remember. We’re not so punk that we don’t want success but we’re doing things our way because we don’t trust the corporate greed of the music industry. Our album cover depicts a guy in a suit eating a heart with a knife and fork. We believe in being independent and not being part of a machine."

The angry feel remains pretty much for the majority of the album but there are the slower moments too where the vocal prowess come to the fore. That is not to take anything away from the fine musicianship too, especially the subtle guitar solo on ‘Autopsy’, subtle as it is not thrust in your face like most solos but beautifully placed alongside the drums and bass.

This is one impressive debut, plenty of variation throughout, plenty of fire, plenty of longing for more.