Free Early Birds

Brooklyn indie folk duo, Savoir Adore, release ‘Early Bird’ as a
prelude to their upcoming debut album ‘In The Wooded Forest’.
Available as a free download, which always gets a big thumbs up here
at R13, ‘Early Bird’ is a dreamy uplifting song, which bodes well for
the impending album.

Deidre Muro’s vocals are heavenly and combined with Paul Hammer, the
other Savoir Adore element, they work in perfect harmony together.
‘Early Bird’ has the perfect feel to it to be listening in this lovely
summer weather; it is perfect weather at the time of writing in case
it is raining when you read this, even having the line “Leave the
winter behind as we head towards the heat” in the chorus. The lyrics
are just there to melt your heart in this wonderfully feel good tune.

With a UK tour coinciding with the album release in July, you better
be ready to adore Savoir Adore.

‘Early Bird’ can be downloaded for free HERE