Two doesn't make it any more appealing

Where does the name come from you ask? The year is 2007. The fellas met in an internet graffiti forum, decided to paint "Destroy Mondays" on the side of a train, got caught by the police, got community service re-decorating a youth club and upon stumbling on guitars and a drum kit, Damn Vandals were born!

It is three years later and the band is about to release their double A-side single of ‘Cocaine Love’ and ‘Union Jack Boxes’. The first is a pretty obvious song about the love of a drug. It has a combination of quite defined vocals singing along to music bought to life through sharp guitars creating a dirty atmosphere. The latter is an anti-war love song and has a very similar style. Unfortunately neither of the songs are of particular interest and do not sit right with the ear. If you do want a little bit fun with the band though, check out their video for ‘Cocaine Love’ on their Myspace.

These two tracks are release on May 24th