A little sprinkle of sunshine

Pop rockers Mimi Soya spent last year touring round the country with the likes of Cobra Starship, Set Your Goals, Go:Audio and Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly to name but a few; selling 5000 copies of their last Ep topped off the year.

This year sees the Brighton four-piece releasing a new Ep titled ‘I Can't Stand Pop Bands’. Vocally, Jorja has a voice somewhere between Ellie Mules of Slashed Seat Affair and Hayley Williams of Paramore, honest and aiming to be nothing more than this. When singing these songs, although the release may only contain four tracks, they are the type of songs that will go down well with a crowd, specifically a musically crazed teenage one. They are bright and sunny with catchy melodies. ‘Millionaire’ is the opener and offers the first expression of upbeat and bouncy fun loving pop rock, but the remainder of the songs carry on this dedication to decent sounding music. Although the vocals are strong, the male contribution on ‘I Told You So’ makes for something different, something that could have been used beneficially on the other tunes. Its addition would make for two sides of a relationship.

Bringing the Brighton sunshine to your ear this summer is Mimi Soya and their brilliant follow up release ‘I Can't Stand Pop Bands’.