Recluse prove again that they are not your average indie band.

Indie rockers Recluse are back with their new EP “Anhedonia”. We at Room Thirteen named Recluse our Band of the Month in February 2010 after the band impressed us with their debut EP, ‘Baby Monster’. Could they reaffirm our view with this new offering?

Well, simply, yes they did.

Featuring four tracks (and an additional acoustic version of opening track ‘Passing Cars’), Recluse prove again that they are not your average indie band.

The EP opens on an upbeat note with ‘Passing Cars’; although it feels as if it’s lacking a bit of “oomph” in places, as the song progresses the strength of the vocals increases, giving it a much-needed kick. Second track ‘We Could Both Use Someone’ introduces a rather groovy rhythmic accompaniment whilst third track ‘Dirty Blonde’ has a great instrumental section that really shows off each of the guys’ individual talents. The guitar solo in particular sent shivers up my spine.

Penultimate track ‘Remain’, so simple yet so full of emotion, was my favourite track of the album, combining a “bare essentials” approach with full-blown heavy instrumentals to accentuate the emotional climaxes to perfection. The acoustic version of ‘Passing Cars’ ends the EP on a subtle note with no grand gestures and no gimmicks; it works wonderfully!

“Anhedonia” has lost the dark atmosphere of “Baby Monsters”, but it is great to see another side to the trio. Great work lads!

To find out more about Recluse, check out their website