Well-constructed mini-album from the Somerset quartet

Hailing from Glastonbury (the Somerset town that is otherwise indeed best known for its annual festival), four-piece I Am Forever present their second EP, curiously titled; ‘The Tragic Tale of Jonny Pumpkinhead’. Split into five chapters (each song being a chapter), the band has evolved their contrasting alternative/pop/rock sound and, with the help of producer Jason Wilcock (Fightstar, We Are The Ocean, etc), they have achieved a positively polished sound.

Opener ‘Only Stars Can See’ is a beautifully balanced start, acting as a perfect indication of the music that is to follow. ‘Seasons’ is a great advancement, allowing guitarist Stefano Fauceglia to exercise his ability with interjecting riffs that blend effortlessly.

The mini-album appears to adopt a slightly more relaxed feel for ‘Misery Loves Company’, but soon sucuumbs to the heavy underlying style that seems desperate to return. ‘Become the Distance’ remains calm in nature for much of the song and, in doing so, allows for the harmonies between frontman Lucas Gulliford and Fauceglia to rightfully receive attention. Gang vocals also feature, which are rather stereotypical for such a band, but they must be popular for a reason.

The final track, ‘Silence and Sound’, is a delightful conclusion, with the spirited performance sure to leave listeners wanting more. Often, a band can suffer when trying to display their versatility, but I Am Forever have no such problem.

Gulliford’s lead vocals are a joy to listen to, and despite the influences of heavier genres, the band refreshingly never descend into screaming; a common, and often unnecessary, tendency for similar artists. The band’s lyrics display a pleasing maturity, whilst still retaining an essential degree of accessibility.

Drummer Sam Board is obviously a metalhead at heart, occasionally being allowed to implement double bass kick drum patterns that are suggestive of a metal subgenre. In this instance, it is the variety in the band’s influences that strengthens their individuality, enabling them to create a sound that is natural, enticing and enthralling. The drummer has formed a solid rhythmic relationship with bassist Tom Lambert and provides an excellent grounding for the band. Board’s use of additional electronic samples is relatively unnoticeable, but provide an impressive flavouring when they are added. Perhaps we will see I Am Forever integrating this more into their future works.

I Am Forever’s second EP is definitely worth checking out. Let’s face it, the wonderfully intriguing title of ‘The Tragic Tale of Jonny Pumpkinhead’ alone is surely enough to warrant a listen!