Mature sounding debut EP

The new EP from Birmingham five piece Tomorrow Brings Giants sounds surprisingly mature for a debut; it really doesn’t feel like they’ve only been together for 9 months. The riffs and screams initially appear to be quite familiar metal standards and quite American sounding; think Poison The Well in their “You Come Before You” days, especially the growling vocal style, and the riffs sometimes bring to mind Coheed and Cambria. At other times though you are reminded they’re British, obviously the accent is a giveaway but also they stray into alt-rock on occasion; the almost spoken vocal section on opener ‘Lost Causes’ is reminiscent of Million Dead.

If you listen further in to the EP it quickly becomes apparent that all four tracks are actually far more interesting and involved than they may appear on the surface: the band injects a progressive edge with slower, more intricate sections to break things up; there is a melodic base throughout, and the melodies are really good. This is a young band not afraid to try things out; they obviously take inspiration from many different bands and genres and out of this have produced four really solid tracks of tuneful, very listenable metal with a twist. A really promising debut EP, hopefully we’ll be hearing more from this lot soon.