Upbeat pop with a difference

If you are one of those individuals that enjoys being taken back to their glory teenage days then the Pipettes second album ‘Earth vs. The Pipettes’ is one that will do exactly that.

The songs that have been created for this new release are not your typical pop music. Although its focus may be this style, it is surrounded by and incorporates some electronica, dance beats and slightly more peaceful ballad styles. The majority of the songs are upbeat, so give off a fast moving poppy atmosphere that you can’t help but want to move to, such as the electronica focused ‘I Need a Little Time’ and ‘History’. The use of different elements such as strings and even the clicking of fingers on ‘Stop The Music’ makes the album more rounded. There are also more soothing tunes too such as ‘I Always Planned to Stay’ and the lovable ‘Ivibeu’ as well as poppy love songs such as ‘Finding My Way’.

Vocally the female musicians are such strong singers. From the opener onwards, the two voices compliment each other so well. There are times the two vocals blend together to sing a verse or one vocal dominates while the other backs up well in the harmonies. They are honest, sweet and pure in their presentation. The Pipettes create songs that are poppy, sing-a-long friendly and 100% memorable. You will not be able to deny the movement of your feel or the motion of your lips as the impulse to sing and dance swarms over you. These guys create a sensationally tremendous second album.