Watch your speed whilst driving

This is plain straightforward brutal heavy metal delivered by the five lads from Margate in Kent. Zenithal delivers this simply by following the basic rules of metal. Heavy, loud, fast drums; heavy, loud, fast guitars; complimented by a strong vocal performance. 'Death Race' is a heavy laden thrash metal album blended with some awesome grooves and adding some traditional heavy metal. Think Slayer, Pantera with a little Maiden at times. Yes, vocalist James Scott sounds just like Phil Anselmo at times, but don’t think this limits the band to Pantera covers.

The title track 'Death Race' is fast and furious. I advise that you watch your speed if you listen to this track whilst driving, unless you are competing in a race of course (Room Thirteen does not approve or condone any illegal street racing). This track is probably the best track on the album and one of my favourites. The Slayer influence comes out strongly in the second track , 'Sing for the Damned', however, we have Phil Anselmo as the front man. Sorry Tom. We have heavy thrash riffs, but it’s not just regular shredding riffs. No, there is a bit more of a traditional heavy metal feel to them. And a decent dosage of this too.

There are great guitar riffs and solos that appear throughout the album; and are delivered by Rob 'Hellfire' Musgrave and Matt Barwell (who may have since been replaced by Tim Capper after 'Death Race' was recorded) on the lead guitar. This partnership on the strings comes through best on 'Punch and Judy'. This is truly an awesome song with thrash influences complimented by classic metal riffs.
The solid, fast rhythm is set by Graeme Van De Merwe on the drums and Paul Roberts on the bass, together they are flawless, playing around with timing changes throughout the album.

My other favourite track is 'The Rocking Chair'. With the strong Slayer influence and Kerry sounding solo’s this is a potential mosh pit classic. This is a great song and the perfect way to wrap up an awesome metal album.

'Death Race' was released through Casket Music on the 14th June 2010. There are no shows advertised on their MySpace, but keep a look out for them as they are regularly tearing up stages throughout London and Kent.