Listen out for those guitar solos

London-based hard rockers Thunderbird 13 are certainly looking to make their mark with their single ‘Zombie Queen’.

Kicking off with title track ‘Zombie Queen’, the vocals are eerie and the guitar melodies light, almost whispering before suddenly transforming into deep, biting riffage. I was intrigued from start to finish and quite astonished when I heard what came next...

‘House of Sin’ is a completely different animal to ‘Zombie Queen’ - this a much heavier track with the introductory drum solo breaking into the strong, galloping guitar riff - particularly impressive. With a vocal performance that sounds not unlike Alice Cooper in places, this “B-side” was my preferred track from the CD.

Thunderbird 13 describe their music as “...a by-product of being sick of listening to fads and trends” as well as the result of “...an animalistic hunger for volume and guitar solos”. Their music certainly does have an addictive sleaze about it that you’ll be powerless to resist.

Listen out for those guitar solos - they’re the pup’s nuts!