Feel Good Album of the Year

Savoir Adore have had a busy summer, popping over from Brooklyn to play their first ever gigs abroad, making lots of new friends here and without doubt their highlight must have been when they were made R13's Band of the Month for July. Now, at long last, they are releasing their debut album "In the Wooded Forest" in the UK. Originally released towards the end of last year in America it is long overdue but good things come to those who wait, right? Maybe Savoir Adore felt guilty at how long the album took to reach us here as they have packed it with 14 tracks, which in my mind equates to just a smidgen over 47 minutes of listening pleasure.

"In The Wooded Forest" is quite possibly the feel good album of the year, how can anyone listen to this and not have a smile on their face? It may be a bit too poppy for some of our regular readers but if you are happy to embrace that part of the music world, then I cannot recommend a better album for you to purchase.

The duo behind Savoir Adore, Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro, create different sounds on each track, each filled with new layers to keep the ears happy throughout. It is not just the music that gets mixed up, vocals are shared beautifully between the two members, which they proved recently works just as well live as it does recorded. 'Honestly' is a great example, taking it in turns with lead vocals and when joined together, it works in perfect harmony. For a guy, it shows great vocal talent to sing a softer song and Paul Hammer shows that all the way here. Deidre Muro just has the sultry vocals that work anyway, soft, hard or anywhere between, just perfect. You can feel the emotions of each song perfectly in both vocals, a rare and exceptional talent.

The music has an electronic dancey feel to it, with some subtle guitar playing which does give it a bit of an edge. That edge is demonstrated on one of the stand out tracks, 'Bodies', sandwiched between two softer tracks it makes it stand out as one that will get people dancing. It is hard to pick tracks out over others but 'Early Bird', 'MERP', 'Space Travel' and 'We Talk Like Machines' deserve to be praised. Let's hope the follow up does not take so long to reach here.