Angsty grunge punk

Starting softly Kenelis lead you slowly in to their tale. The beat from drummer Oli King and bassist Andy Henry sets up a rock solid backbone for Andy Seabrook-Harris and James Chilton's pulsing and subtly melodic guitars.

The vocals and baselines of the opening verse pause for a perfectly timed moment before slamming you with the raw sound of Mel Sanson’s voice which positively screams with passion.

Sanson balances her voice between smooth as silk, muted sexy sounds and quietly spoken words in the verses and raw as fuck screams in the chorus. The changes in dynamic are point perfect, resulting in a song that draws you in and carries you through from start to end.

Kenelis’s blend of female led grunge, punk, shoegaze and rock is diverse and highly appealing. With 'Sick' they take their lead from the angsty grunge then mix it with powerful punk and top it off with lyrics that grab you and don't let go.

It's one of those songs that attracts you right from the start and the more you listen, the more you hear and the more you love.